Acoran Money is a program of domestic and family accounting that works on Windows 95/98 / ME / XP / NT / 2000 and that will allow you to organize and

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Acoran Money is undemanding with its requirements, though the more powerful your computer faster calculations will be made.

Of the following requir

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Acoran Money is a program shareware , therefore, can use it to see if it suits your needs and it is to your liking before registering it.


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Version 2.40 notes It added a function to copy notes. Diary It added a module to manage an address book and phone. Utilities It added a feature that allows iconizar the program in the system tray. In addition, you can configure the startup program to start as an icon in the tray. It added a […]


Attention users of previous versions! Always remember that before installing a new version is advisable to back up your data (Menu “Maintenance” option “Backup”). Attention users of version 1.xx! Registering a version of Money Acoran program is valid for all minor revisions of that version. For example, the registry key version 2.40 is valid for […]


Program registration To use the program Acoran Money without restrictions must make registration thereof. The program registration is valid for the registered version and all subsequent minor releases . For example, registration of version 2.00 is valid for all versions from 2.00 to 2.99. Payment Methods Payment Program registration can be done in two ways: […]


Acoran Money, household accounts

Acoran Money is a program shareware easy to use accounting home and family.

You can continue your bank accounts, monitor income and expenses, obtain three-dimensional full-color graphics and detailed reports on screen and printer.

Financial Acoran, financial calculations, mortgages, loans, loans, investments and depreciations

Financial Acoran is a program FREE of financial calculations that is part of home accounting program Acoran Money and can be used completely independently and free.