Acoran Money is a program of domestic and family accounting that works on Windows 95/98 / ME / XP / NT / 2000 and that will allow you to organize and control its economy.

All the accounts you want!

Create the accounts you want, for example, one for each family member, or for family and one for accounting personal accounting.

Control your bank account!

Check and follow update the status of their bank accounts.
Make any inquiries of your notes using the conditions you want.

Three-dimensional graphics in full color!

Analyze your income and expenses grouped by months or by group using three-dimensional full-color graphics.

Detailed reports!

Get detailed reports on screen and printer notes that interest you.

Calculations loans, investments and depreciations!

The program includes a financial module that will allow you to calculate a lot of data on loans, mortgages, investments and depreciations. Calculate the odds of a loan, or how much it will leave at the end the mortgage, or what final capital obtained with a particular investment, etc.

Euros and pesetas … or dollars and frames!

Examine your data in two currencies, euros and pesetas for example. You can configure and choose their currencies.

Agenda addresses and phone!

Manage the details of your family, friends, professionals, businesses, etc. easily ..

Very easy to use!

Acoran Money is not an official accounting program. Therefore, it does not follow any organization or official regulations established in this regard. On the contrary, it tries to be a simple and easy to use program so that anyone without accounting knowledge to organize their own accounts in a clear and simple way.