Program registration

To use the program Acoran Money without restrictions must make registration thereof.

The program registration is valid for the registered version and all subsequent minor releases . For example, registration of version 2.00 is valid for all versions from 2.00 to 2.99.

Payment Methods

Payment Program registration can be done in two ways: by bank transfer or cash income, and credit card .

Registration by payment in cash or bank transfer is only valid for income or transfers from Spain , for expenses transfers from abroad are very high, even higher than the price of the program.

Registration by credit card is done via ShareIt! This is a professional and quality service, which uses a secure server and maximum data confidentiality.

ShareIt! Only processes payment arrangements and validations of the cards. The program and its support is provided directly AcoranSoft .
The payment service ShareIt! Supports most credit cards and when payment can select the currency you want to make the same showing their equivalence according to the official daily change .

Payment by credit card involves a series of bank charges and financial expenses so the cost of registration in accordance with this method of payment is slightly higher than bank transfer payment.