Three Things You Need to Know About Mobile Marketing – Technology

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Most modern day marketers will have no problem telling you that mobile marketing is necessary to thrive in today’s ultra-competitive marketplace. With the number of mobile device users rising annually, the case can be made that mobile marketing is as important as ever. To give you an even better idea of just how important it is and will continue to be, here are a few things you need to know about mobile marketing.

Mobile Use Will Only Continue to Grow

There is hard evidence suggesting that it will not be long before the number of smartphone users throughout the world exceeds two billion. While that may not be much of a surprise today, that number seems staggering when you consider the fact that there were about a quarter of that many users just ten short years ago.

In 2014, mobile media time made the leap over desktop media time worldwide. That trend is something that has steadily climbed every year since 2008. With this information in mind, there is little doubt that mobile use will only continue to grow.

Knowing this, it becomes all the more important to make a commitment towards mobile marketing efforts that focus on reaching as many users as possible. Swrve’s mobile marketing ROI whitepaper can provide you with a great deal more information on this topic.

Data Is King

One of the more interesting aspects of mobile marketing, that has not been available with other marketing methods, is the ability to use habit based data. Because users have their phones on them at all times of the day and use apps on them for several hours a day, marketers have access to habit based data that has never been seen before.

This data gives marketers the opportunity to really dive deep into the habits of individuals and develop a much more precise and targeted marketing message for them. Doing this can significantly increase conversion rates, while also helping marketers avoid bombarding consumers with useless advertisements that serve no purpose in their lives.

Mobile Security Will Become Even More Important in the Future

Interestingly enough, the new age tactics of mobile marketing have not been met with as much resistance as one would think that they would. The prospect of having your mobile device understanding your habits, locations, and the way in which you spend can certainly be scary. The fact that this information can then be used against you with advertisements to influence your spending is even scarier.

For these reasons, and many more, you can expect that mobile security will become an even bigger issue in the future. As more and more businesses attempt to come up with more information related to users, the backlash that is received for doing so will undoubtedly come to the forefront. In addition, expect to see laws enacted related to the information that mobile marketers can collect and use.