Version 2.40


  • It added a function to copy notes.


  • It added a module to manage an address book and phone.


  • It added a feature that allows iconizar the program in the system tray. In addition, you can configure the startup program to start as an icon in the tray.

  • It added a utility menu from which you can access the modules of financial calculations, address book and phone, as well as the Windows calculator, email program and web browser.


  • Has been included in the program options can activate a warning reminding the need to perform backups with a time interval set by the user.

  • The user can select the folder where the program data will be saved.

  • When attempting to modify or delete the password the program will prompt the user to first enter your current password.

Version 2.30

Notes and periodic transfers

  • Added notes management and periodic transfers to create, edit and delete this type of notes as well as obtain listings and detailed accounts of them.

Transfer filter

  • Added a filter that allows file and hide corresponding to transfers, notes so that their amounts can be included or not in total income and expenses both in the management window notes and lists and graphics .

Reports notes

  • It has been included in the header of reports filter by type of operation that is active at all times, indicating whether or not to include transfers.


  • It added an option to filter your notes for the current year each time the program is run.

  • It added an option to include the date in the name of the backup files.

  • They are separated into two different pages the default options for creating notes and transfers.

  • It added a page to set the default options of the notes and transfer papers.

  • It has re-created the page with reporting options including options listings of notes and transfer papers.


  • There have been several internal improvements in the functioning of the program.

Version 2.20


  • It has created a new level of management of groups called classes.

  • They have created all dialogs and windows management classes.


  • Groups no longer are classified into groups of income and expenditure groups, but are ordered by class.

  • Disappears filter groups by type of operation and the filter is created by school groups.

  • All groups support both operations revenue and expenditure operations.


  • They added the Abbreviated Accounts, Notes Number and Date of Final Point fields.


  • It added the Initial Balance field.


  • They have been merged into a single window the Notes and extracts.

  • We have included three buttons that affect the configuration window notes. These buttons allow Show / Hide tools filters, bottom panel and the balance information in the notes field when a selected account. In this way, we can adapt the available space on the monitor to our needs to cover more or less information notes.

  • They have improved filters and how to apply them, answering the presentation of the notes automatically when there is a change in the filters.

  • It added the field Classes notes.

  • When editing notes, they have become mandatory fields Date, type of operation, amount, Class, Group Accounting and Account fields.


  • You can obtain summary and detailed reports sorted by months, accounting, accounts, classes and groups.

  • Improved overall presentation of all reports.


  • You can obtain statistical graphs of the notes grouped by months, accounting, accounts, classes and groups.

  • Filters have been improved in graphics and how to apply them, answering the graphical presentation automatically when there is a change in the filters.

  • They included two data series in charts: Income and Expenses. The presentation of each of these series can be activated or not by buttons.


  • It has restructured the Options dialog. Reports page disappears and is integrated into the General page.

  • It added an option to Hide / Show the main toolbar so we can have more space to display the chart notes on monitors with low resolution.

  • They have added options to set default values of the main fields of the notes on the Edit page: Date, Type of Operation, Class, Group Accounting and Account.


  • There have been several internal improvements in indexing databases in the international language support in managing backups and in different parts of the program.